Passing the Buck, Shamelessly
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Until now, I've never just linked to another site and said, "That's that. Go read it. My work here is finished." And I've certainly not linked to a blogger who only weeks ago said "I'm done."
Then again, I'm not on Facebook . . . it's too scary. Maybe this sort of thing is done all the time and I'm horribly old fashioned. Heck if I know. So let me try to catch up: call this a punch on my "liked" button.
This enigmatic fellow is intriguing, intelligent, witty, and clever. He's on my "google reader" radar screen and I've become a faithful follower of his intermittent missives. You might like him, too.
So posting a link to this particular post of his, is what I'm doing tonight.
A quick synopsis: the anonymous Epicurean Dealmaker eloquently explains that wisdom is relative. He delivers a scathing critique of Peggy Noonan's most recent article ("Youth has Outlived Its Usefulness") in the WSJ. And normally I like Peggy. But I can't disagree with ED's analysis.
He exhorts us to define wisdom, and to find the wise among us, even if it requires us (as it most likely will) to become wise men ourselves.
So go!

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