Does she have to be right all the time?
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When I was at the grocery store the other day, a woman in line behind me asked about my clogs, what brand they were and where she could buy them. Danskos, I told her, and you can get them at Nordstrom's online, or Shoedawgs.
Anyway, we got to swapping tips, and I told her about using apple cider vinegar in the bath to soften your skin. Oh, and using white vinegar as a fabric softener in the washing machine.
Where did you get these great tips, she asked. "My mother, of course," I replied.
Yes, moms do come in handy. Remember when we were children and dentists gave us those red flouride tablets to chew? Well, my mother wouldn't hear of it. No extra fluoride for me. Between that and her obsession with covering my thyroid with a lead apron, our dentist serial dentists thought she was nuts.
Today her moment of vindication arrived. It is now being reported that our government has put too much fluoride in our drinking water and children are popping up with spots and streaks on their teeth.
(I want a dentist named Hardy Limeback. He just sounds so sturdy and good natured.)
Lucky for me, our town doesn't fluoridate the water, so I'll have to worry about something else, like where I can find a coffeemaker that has a stainless steel reservoir. I can't stand the thought of bringing water to a near boil in plastic and then drinking it.
Bunn makes a residential version, but you have to keep the water hot all the time. And my husband objects to the constant use of electricity. Mmkay, so better the BPA? He can be so annoyingly frugal at times.
Maybe I can get my mother to talk to him . . .

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