What the Frack?
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This week is shaping up to be one of the more bizarre in news history.
There's the Rielle Hunter-Andrew Young sex tape saga. Ms. Hunter sued Mr. Young and his wife Cheri because they had a videotape of her while she was pregnant, engaging in private activities with John Edwards. A judge ordered Mr. Young and his wife to hand over all copies of the tape by Friday or bunk up at the jail.
Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Edwards is threatening to sue Mr. Young for undermining her marriage. Texas doesn't recognize alienation of affections; I guess North Carolina law is different. But does it go so far as to impose a duty on an employee to spill the beans to the wife about his gallivanting boss?
Charlie Crist came up with a super-weird whopper during an interview with Greta Vansusteren. He feels you're not a "true fiscal conservative" unless your haircuts cost $11.00. If you spend more, as Marco Rubio apparently did, well then, Crist says you're not a fiscal conservative and . . . maybe you get back waxes, too. Here's the clip.

Back waxes? This desperado needs to come to his senses.
Desperate housewives may soon be under surveillance. "Jihad Jane" a/k/a Colleen LaRose, a middle-aged Pennsylvania woman who took care of her boyfriend's ailing father, was arrested by the Feds. She's accused of plotting to kill the Swedish cartoonist who angered Muslims by caricaturing Mohammed. Okay, maybe "angered" doesn't capture it.
Saving the ickiest for last, there's (former) Congressman Eric Massa, who first gained national fame when he claimed a peculiar exchange occurred between him and Rahm Emanuel while they were naked . . . in the Capitol gym. But it gets weirder, train-wreck worse.
Days later, Massa admitted that he not only "groped" his male aides, he tickled them and . . . lived with them. Massa said his horseplay was normal and tried to show Glenn Beck some kind of book depicting military weirdness to prove the point. The illustrations were apparently too ribald to air.
In an earlier radio interview, Massa explained the self-described "salty language" he used with aides -- as in, "What I really ought to be doing is fracking you" -- thusly:

Breaking today, some of Massa's subordinates from his old Navy days have come forward and apparently corroborate the accusations his congressional aides have recently made. Ugh.
And while it's still about Massa, I'm going to stray from the topic here, just a bit, to point out this clip from a documentary posted yesterday on YouTube. It follows Mr. Massa in his race for a seat in the House and shows what happens when Rahm Emanuel comes to town to look Massa over.
What Rahm Emanuel tells him to do on the trail, how Massa responds and what he says to his family . . . well, it's sad. And revealing. But mostly just really sad. It's never a good day for a family when the father falls, and falls so hard.

Alrighty then.
On a brighter note, next week is Spring Break so it will be "Gone Fishing" around here. But I'll be back when I've caught a big one.

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