Nifty Gifties and Other Shocking Stuffers
0 comment Saturday, July 26, 2014 |
  • A onesy for grown women, complete with "wrist cuffs."

  • More IRS agents.
  • The health care penalty is really a tax, as are those premiums you'll soon be forced to pay. The mandate is just a harmless "financing mechanism," so argued the Administration in federal court.

    Blue Cross & Blue Shield will just be another IRS branch.
  • A heavily taxed inheritance.
  • Because you didn't earn it and you don't deserve it.
    The Ringger Family Farm.
    Just look at these greedy devisees. Besides, their parents won't be around to feel the pain, anyway.
    As for leaving taxes on Wall Street's billion-dollar bailout bonuses alone, what of it? Don't go changing the subject.
  • A blanket for Bradley Manning, the beneficent Wikileaks booster.
  • This misunderstood, court-martialed man is being abused. Meanwhile, his beneficiary Julian Assange lolly gags in an English manor. It's shameful.
  • More abacuses for the CBO.
  • Obamacare passed for the reason Hillarycare did not: the cost to the private sector -- at least another trillion -- was excluded from the CBO's cost calculations. Well played, Nance!
  • Your neighbor's holiday photo.
  • Because they're such a nice family. And you'd like to see more of them.
  • A GPS chip, implanted in your body, so that the government can find you and know your activities at all times.
  • Meh. That would be redundant.
  • Kleenex for John Boehner.
  • He's not a sensitive man, you bleeding heart.

    He's a Republican!
  • A great deal on a used pre-owned car.
  • Pity there aren't any, what with cash-for-clunkers and all.

    Ah, well, but you can't have everything, even consistent fonts.
    So, instead, here's wishing you a . . .

    and a less taxing new year.

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