Once you sunbathe and swim in the sea naked . . .
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While the fully-clothed Obamas frolic in the fun and sun of Martha's Vineyard, millions more are finding true joy and happiness by going naked.
These naked vacations are referred to as "nakations" and they are gaining in popularity.

Says the AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation), "vacationing in the nude is more relaxing, relieves stress and, contrary to what you might think � it�s actually good for your self-esteem."
And think of the money to be saved on luggage fees. Stick it to the airline man! Indeed, fully two percent of nakationers say they chose a naked vacation for its simple economy. You won't even need a carry-on.
But before you go all Victorian, jump back, Mrs. Judgment. Nakations aren't just for swingers. Nakations are a wholesome family affair.

Anything you can do clothed, you can do naked. You can even golf naked. In the South of France, no less!

And if naked golfing doesn't appeal to you, what up? Are you dead?
For those of you on a staycation budget, fret not. You, too, can nakate, in the privacy of your own home.
For just $74.00 you'll receive a "nakation in a box," complete with temporary tattoos, a towel, sunscreen, and a sticker for your car alerting other drivers that you're "in a nakation state of mind!"
Sign me up. I'm all over it. This summer of recovery laundering got old fast.

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