Eeyore? Sure. But Not Today.
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Greetings, sports fans. Happy Friday.
This week it was my overarching goal to write an uplifting, lively post. Maybe even a witty one. And all week long I waited for the subject to come to me.
But umm, sorry. There just wasn't a lot of good news to report.
Let's see. We had a killer whale maul and kill a Sea World trainer in front of children and families on vacation.
I suppose I could have written about whether the folks in the audience have a decent class-action against Sea World, given this particular whale's history. But it's all too ghastly. This is a lawsuit I don't even want to think about.
Then there's Greece. It's about to implode under the staggering weight of its debt. Is the U.S. next? Reasonable minds differ, naturally.
Oh, and that Alabama professor who shot six folks because she didn't get tenure? She's now under increasing scrutiny for the death of her brother several years ago. His death had been ruled an accidental shooting (a three-bullet accidental shooting, that is).
As Tiger Woods gave his nationally televised mea gulpa, one of his concubine held her own press conference, demanding he apologize to her.
Get in line, sister. The back of the line.
Hourglass figures intoxicate men (which is fine and not a huge surprise). But wait. There's more. Nearly every man, it seems, should be in therapy for an on-going, evolutionary sex addiction.
But the news wasn't all bad. Here's a glimmer of sorts: White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers, who gallivanted all over the pages of so many fashion magazines, she who talked about the Obama "brand" (and, yes, the same Ms. Rogers who was wining and dining during White House Crasher-gate) -- is resigning.

And here's another fairly uplifting story: a teacher, Dr. David Benke, risked his life to take down a bad guy in Littleton, Colorado (home of the Columbine tragedy), to protect his middle-school students.

On any other day, the press would have reported on this man's heroism for a full news cycle.
Sadly, it was no ordinary day and the Sea World story edged out nearly all press coverage.
Alrighty then.
Next week I suppose I'll go back to my old Eeyore self, and post about the government's unemployment numbers and what they mean.
Ah, but you thought calculating unemployment is simple? So did I, until I tucked in and saw how truly complicated it all is.
So many terms are bandied about these days: "seasonally adjusted" and "non-farm payrolls," the ADP survey, "marginally attached" workers, and the U3 and U6.
What all of it means, I've been wondering for a while. What I learned was surprising. It's not nearly as cut and dried as you would think. Most interesting were the various definitions and how they affect the "headline" numbers we all see in the news.
So take some Prozac and tune in next week for one sexy unemployment primer.

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