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Do you toss and turn in bed at night, fretting over the dreaded question, "What do you do?"? I sure did. After all, do you really want to admit you're a loathsome lawyer or, worse, a government gawker?
For a time I could say I was a notary public. But then my commission expired.
Well, awkward jobsters, angst no more. The day of my epiphany is upon you. Because you, my friend, can be a social media analyst, just like the TSA's beloved Blogger Bob.
I'm too sexy for an x-ray, too sexy for the gateway, too sexy for . . .
Playtex cross my heart, as a social media analyst you are in good company. Just feast your eyes on this prolific witty wordsmith and his Queer-Eye-for-the-Straight-Guy goatee.
But bless Curtis Robert Burns Blogger Bob's heart, he's under constant scrutiny, barraged by scathing parodies -- just for holding his excellent public post. Gosh, with a job like Bob's, who wouldn't claim an alternate title?
Gun-slung on a lower rung are TSA's Biker Bobs. But these burly men can take cover as SMAs, too. Look, here's a government groper now, idling right next to me. Come to my window, big fellow. Vroom.
Is that a gun in his pocket, or is he just glad to feel me?
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