They already feel us up. Why not show them our pills?
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So law enforcement officials in North Carolina want access to the state's "data base" so police officers will know the name of every North Carolinian who was legally prescribed pain pills (or Ritalin or what not).
The hell, you say?
Oh, come on. Pretending to be shocked doesn't become you.
I mean, we already get naked and radiated for the government at the airport (and no, I see little distinction between disrobing and the naked people machines). Or we are forced to let them feel us up instead.
First Mother Michelle Obama wants Congress to make doctors measure our children's BMI and enter it into their permanent file in a "secure" federal data base.
We've let the feds force us to buy Obamacare health care insurance.
Heck, every single bit of our medical history will soon be logged into a national government data base, per Obamacare. (Ever get cross-ways with a doctor? Or need a second opinion? Oh, woe be unto you, my trusting friend.)
Indeed, respected health care analysts say Obamacare authorizes the feds to directly access our bank accounts, instantly, in real time. It's just more efficient this way, you see. Co-pays and all of that. Yaay.
So why shouldn't we tell the government what drugs we take? Why shouldn't the government hand over a list of our prescription meds to the police? What on earth could be wrong with that?
Just imagine all the prescription drug abuse police could uncover and stop. Hooray!
And while we're all "the door's wide open, come on in!" I've got a better idea. How about we let the government put cameras in our kitchens and living rooms?
Seriously. Stop and think about it. Imagine the child abuse, alcohol abuse . . . gosh, every kind of abuse(!) we could stop dead in its tracks if we invited more government into our home.
We need to give law enforcement the tools it needs!
Remember, it's not about you. And from here on out, it never will be again. Forget that your grandfather charged the beaches of Normandy to keep you and our country independent and free from governmental intrusion and overreaching.
Girlfriend, that kind of conservative thinking is so passe' -- so pre-Millenium yesterday. It's 2012, you insane, gun-toting, religious, racist bitter tea bagger!
Get over yourself and get with the program. It's time to get down and groove for the greater good!
What? You still feel weird? Squeamish? Sorry friend, but don't look to me for any answers. Don't ask me to think straight -- I've got post financial stress syndrome. I got mowed down a long time ago.
Besides, it's getting mighty crowded in my stinky little tent, ever since I let the camel's nose come in. Frankly, I'm ready to cave and let the damned camel take it over.
Sure, I'm human, and yeah, I panicked there for a minute. "Once I give the camel my tent, where will I go? What will I do? What if, GOV forbid, I need an experimental drug and the feds say, 'No!'?"
But then it came to me.

Little middle-aged me? Ha! Watch out. I can still muster some attention. I'll just hold the entire world hostage to Islam and its "Muslim extremists" by threatening to burn the Koran.

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