The Envy of Most
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Margaret Chan, Director-General for the World Health Organization, praised communist North Korea's national health care system, declaring it "the envy" of most developing nations.
But Amnesty International? Not so much. WHO claims Amnesty's scathing assessment of the country's health care system is, umm, "not up to the U.N. agency's scientific approach to evaluating health care."
I guess you have to be a scientist to observe:
* doctors "sometimes performing amputations without anesthesia and working by candlelight in hospitals lacking essential medicine, heat and power."
* patients who said, "they or a family member had given doctors cigarettes, alcohol or money to receive medical care" and that without bribes, they'd get no health care at all.
Photo Credit: Eric Lafforgue
And there's "no lack of doctors" over in North Korea, either, said Chan. True enough, I suppose, if you don't mind a two-hour walk to the hospital to get your surgery.
Meanwhile, in the highly developed U.K.,
Photo credit: Defence Images
"Women in labour have been forced to wait while epidural equipment was borrowed from other hospitals, while other patients have been denied chest drains and radiology supplies, according to doctors at South London Healthcare Trust.Minutes of a meeting between medical staff and the trust's chief executive say "cash flow" problems at the trust which has a �50 million deficit, mean vital equipment is regularly not ordered.
A separate letter sent to managers of the trust, one of the largest in the country, says consultants have been misled into carrying out operations when it was not safe to go ahead because of bed shortages."So reports the UK Daily Telegraph.
Ah. Socialized medicine.
Anything we can do, government does better.

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