Another Government Opportunity!
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Greetings, fair maidens. I bring you glad tidings and good news.
Unless you are one of those paranoid privacy nuts who doesn't appreciate Apple tracking your every move via your iphone, this will come as very good news indeed.
The Obama Administration wants to tax you for every mile you drive. They're including this new tax in their "Transportation Opportunities" legislation.
Within the Department of Transportation, a new office would be created: the Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office. (Why not call it the Surface Transportation Alternative Revenue office? "STAR" is so catchy. And positive!)
Enforcement will be carried out by installing an electronic device in every person's car, making the government privy to every mile that we drive.

So if you are a cancer or dialysis patient living in a rural area who must drive miles for medical treatment every day, too bad. Oh, but wait. Surely the government will make an exception for people like you, if you'll just give the b-crats all the personal details of your life. I mean, if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to hide.
What an opportunity! What a country.
I need a recomposure bench.
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