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The lock-out happened today. It's official. My computer is infected with a virus and it is not responding to the Z-Pack. It is not responding to my hammer either.
By kerosene lamp I am pecking this out on my postage-stamp blackberry screen. Sort of like doing pettit needlepoint, which is sort of like torture, not that I would know.
I am powerless to finish my post called,"Black Swan Sucking" -- re the economy, to the extent we have one.
I am powerless to do anything, frankly, except wonder why Stargazer lillies smell like beef jerky the instant they've bloomed. I have a grocery-store bunch in a vase in my kitchen, and the familiar jerky smell is overwhelming.
So, gone to Circuit City (wait, they're gone). I mean, gone to Best Buy.
Back soon.
Verklemptly yours,
Lawyer Mom

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