Greenspan shocker: Government regulation retarding recovery!
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Waves of incredulity rippled throughout the financial world today when Greenspan said, "Much intervention turns out to hobble markets rather than enhancing them." Most companies' refusal to spend money "can be explained by the shock of vastly greater government-created uncertainties embedded in the competitive, regulatory and financial environments," he added.
Oh, to be old and wise . . . instead of just old.
On an unrelated note -- Mr. M has two birthday parties coming up -- you can get some pretty nifty t-shirts for kids and grown-ups here, at Out of Print Clothing. And for every t-shirt purchased, they'll donate a book to a school in Africa, to boot.
Can anyone venture a guess whether this would let me claim a partial charitable deduction for taxes? Questions like these keep Charlie Sheen out of mind . . .
Maybe Bruce Krasting will know.

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