A Challenge to the Upside
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So "the Mother" challenged me to be positive. Write an "upbeat" post she exhorted me, though she clearly thought I could not.
But today started bright with possibility. My husband had defrosted pork chops and the chops were in need of cooking.
Although I've never bought a pork chop in my life (and frankly, I loathe them), I knew how bad things would get, were he to be the chef.
So my solution? I searched the internet high and low and found what seemed to be a foolproof recipe: drowning said chops in cream of celery soup, hash browns, sour cream, cheddar cheese, milk, and Durkee onions.
No matter how bad the pork chops turned out, I thought, at least there would be something else to eat (like the relief you feel when you go to a dinner party and liver is the main course, and then you fall to your knees in the bathroom and praise God that they're serving bread and lots and lots of wine).
Tonight was the night I "made" it. And all I can say is: MAJOR FAIL. Major effing, CHOKING, even-family-can't-fake-compliment-with-straight-face fail.
I am Ior, hear me roar.

On that dour note I'll leave you with one brighter: this Golf Digest anchor who reported on Tiger's bad back and his bulging . . . .
Err, well you'll just have to catch the slip -- in this quick video clip:

So Happy Monday.
Happy US, et al., trillion-dollar Greek bailout.
Oh, and happy uptick in the unemployment rate! 9.9%! Yeah, baby!
It's all good.

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