Your taxpayer dollars at work.
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Let's see. Here's a small sampling. We've got:
* Full-fledged police cars, with sirens and flashing lights, for the TARP bail-out auditors. What's that old saying? "Bureaucrats never die. They just get bigger"?

* $432 million for National Public Radio (which I like and to which I've contributed, don't get me wrong. But NPR ought not claim to be neutral when it's not). NPR's current err, former foundation president, Ron Schiller, says our big problem is a bunch of stupid people. White, uneducated, evangelical gun-toters, to be more precise. The intellectual elite are, well, too damn elite, the redundant Ron lamented, in true intellectual fashion.
* Little flying drone things ("micro air vehicles") for the police. So the tiny MAVs can hover in front of your kitchen window and show the government what's cooking in your kitchen. Meth, anyone?
Alrighty then. Get back to work, you two-thirds-remaining wage earners (alas, more than one-third of all wages are tax-payer handouts). We need more of your earnings. More, more, more.
Ah, well. At least Juan Williams is enjoying some Vivian Schiller schadenfreude today.

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