Monday Funnies
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If you didn't get enough funnies on Sunday, here are a few to amuse you this Monday.
Familiarity breeds hilarity. This guy's in love.

Splish, splash, she was taking a bath. Err, please don't eat this Daisy . . .

His mother wears combat boots. . .

Pot? Whose pot?
"It's my client's pot, not mine!" claimed a criminal defense attorney caught at the courthouse with pot in her purse. Watch the news clip here.
They hate me because I'm beautiful.
In an interview with Parade Magazine, supermodel Iman took it upon herself to size up Michelle Obama. She's "not a great beauty," said Iman, although she "is so interesting looking." But, hey, being gorgeous is no great shake. "When you're a great beauty, it's always downhill for you," Iman modestly demurred. Oh, and being a top black supermodel? Is akin to slavery, she said, "for lack of a better term."
Alrighty then.
One man's pain is another man's gain. Weekend warriors are discovering that "doing it yourself" is fraught with danger. The woman pictured here installed a new toilet to replace her leaky one . . . all by herself.

Reports the New York Times, "Initially, things looked good with the flushing and the swishing. That is, until the ceiling collapsed in the room below the new (leaky) toilet. Rushing to get supplies for a repair, Ms. Taddei clipped a pole in her garage. It ripped the bumper off her car, and later, several shelves holding flower pots and garden tools collapsed over her head."For doctors, however, there is a DIY upside.
"We are seeing an increase in minor injuries, sprains and contusions," said Dr. Peter Lamelas, who operates four urgent care centers around Palm Beach County, Fla.
Cats and birds do too get along. They even massage each other.