Margaret Carlson on a functioning human brain
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Get a load of this clip. It's Margaret Carlson on the "Morning Joe" show. She was there to plump her "Watch Your Back, Sarah" hit piece in the Daily Beast.

Did you catch that? O'Donnell doesn't have a "fully functioning human brain."
Carlson was so venal, so juvenile, that I couldn't help but stagger over to the Daily Beast to see what all the fuss was about. It didn't take long to find out.
Here's a snippet of her drivel as she makes a clumsy analogy to the film classic "All About Eve"--
Like Eve, O'Donnell has some striking advantages. Although with soft lighting, the pair look like they were separated at birth, in fact, the baby-faced O'Donnell looks less like a twin than a daughter. Time is cruel to women, especially on HDTV. Your older man becomes a distinguished Old Lion and a woman just becomes old, aging in dog years. O'Donnell at 41 is five years younger than the 46-year-old Palin, who is a grandmother after all."Aging in dog years"? Ah. Liberal feminism.

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