Mo Comes Late to the Party (but at least she came)
0 comment Wednesday, July 2, 2014 |
Greetings, fair maidens. It's been far too long. In between cooking classes and jetting off to meet the beautiful Michele (we ended up, unwittingly, at an all-black Hookah bar -- I think it was a full moon) I've been dealing with crazy neighbors and answering random questions for the state bar, as their "randomly selected" (out of 87,000) lawyer to profile. Writing my answers, as you might imagine, required great restraint.
And I've been fretting, as usual, about the omnipotent TSA. Now a liberal columnist has joined the fray. But I don't think it was the latest six-year-old kid to get molested that set Mo to thrashing on her keyboard. No, it was apparently the TSA's ridiculous scrutiny of her relative, a "distinguished federal" something, and the woman's ostomy bag.
What's that old adage . . . a liberal is a conservative who hasn't been mugged yet?

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