Killing me softly.
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On Monday, I went to the post office and stood for thirty minutes in a line twenty-six people deep. Only two windows were open, while a third worker shuffled around aimlessly. To say there was no sense of urgency would be charitable.
Can you imagine walking into the post office and seeing government employees snap to, like the boss just walked in? Like they work for you? And aren't on tranquilizers? Just imagine.
So today it's my achey breakey heart. Again. His continued claims that he'll not run in 2012 are killing me.
Chris Christie is the only Republican contender who beats Obama in the latest Zogby poll, and rightfully so. Did you know we just added another trillion dollars to our national debt in the last seven months? We need someone with a heavy veto pen and that would be Christie.
If Christie doesn't run without good reason, well, then, he's a mean and spiteful man and I'll never speak of him again. But if he does run, and the Republicans refuse to nominate him, they deserve what they'll get: a big fat morally overgrown, bankrupt party.
And we'll all get a big fat bankrupt country.

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