Umm, Sir, We've Got a Really Bad Headline -- Update 2
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Per Richard Wolffe, a frequent guest on the Keith Olbermann show, Obama has known since Day One that this oil "spill" was super, super-duper bad. Armageddon bad. End-of-the-Ocean-As-We-Know-It bad. A 10.0 on the Richter Scale.
Yet the golfing . . .

and fundraising . . . .

and miscellaneous hobnobbing . . .

and Marv Alpert baseball interviews continued. Unabashedly. Unabated.

All this, when Obama knew the entire time that this was the worst environmental crisis ever to have occurred in our country's history.
Good God Almighty.
And for my detractors, this footnote: "The Daily Show" makes up much of my source.
The clip shown below, mind you, was broadcast long before we discovered that Obama has known the magnitude of this utter and as-yet unmitigated, planet-wide disaster since it began.
I'll say it again: this is not a good headline.
Here's the John Stewart clip:
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And to those of you who would say I'm being unfair or partisan, I give you this, printed and published over and over and over and over again, by the press:
They showed no mercy then. And we owe them none now.
Frankly, I wouldn't be quite so damned mad if Obama hadn't suckled at the teat of BP and given them the benefit of the doubt when this underwater geyser first spouted.
What would I have done differently? Deploy supertankers immediately, to suck up everything in sight; all available military troops within our country's border would have hit the beaches that night. And all that still undeployed boom resting idle on the shores of Louisiana? The Coast Guard would have ordered into action.
And that's just for starters.
Sure it's easy to Monday-morning quarterback this disaster. Except that these calls don't require hindsight. Or a Presidential office. They're intuitive.
Especially when Obama knew, from Day One of the well blowing, that he had an enormous crisis on his hands.
Perhaps Obama was distracted by the Turkish flotilla that came late this week, loaded (by all estimable reports) with terrorists trying to enter Gaza. Israelis entered the flotilla with paint ball guns, only to be forced into battle and subsequently scorned, unfairly, with international outrage.
Now we know what happened. Israel was right. But did Obama stand with Israel? Hell no. He still needs to gather more facts, you see.
We all know Israel's intelligence is exceptional. If Israel, which merely required a quick inspection (which this flotilla stubbornly refused) says there were bad guys on board, that's good enough for me.
The rational world is growing weary and leery of Obama's international apologies and "fact- gathering" delays, be they oil-related or otherwise. And so am I.
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