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But this time, it's more about Netflix CEO Reed Hastings than the president, although a few Obama jabs are thrown in for good measure.
Mr. Hastings assured a Canadian reporter that Americans were too "self-absorbed" to notice that Netflix charges us more than it does its Canadian customers.
But we weren't too self-absorbed to notice this clever fellow's "joke."
Hastings� claim of a joke gone awry is not believable when you read the original comment in context, and even as a joke it lacks enough realism to be amusing. But it is a view of Americans often stated by liberals. (Of the $255,450 of Hasting�s political donations, $224,700 has gone to Democrats.) It�s time that liberals who famously claim to be "the reality-based community" finally learn that their view of what Michelle Obama described as an "uninvolved, uninformed" America is informed by their own insularity and stinginess - not the facts. Conservatives give more blood, time and money including Reed Hastings, call for higher taxes so that money can be redistributed through the government. President Obama and Vice-President Biden�s 2008 tax returns show a similar contrast in what they demand of us and what they do - including Obama�s irony-rich demands that we should be our brother�s keeper when he, a millionaire, has an aunt living on the dole and a brother in abject poverty. I do agree with Mr. Hastings that there are many "self-absorbed" Americans out there, but they don�t represent a majority that would justify his original statement. Now that's telling 'em!

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