Merry Bleepmas
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My mother called me one day and said, "have you seen 'What the Bleep!'" "What's the matter?" I said. "Are you there, mom? Are you okay?"
The Bleep reminds me of Christmas, because we're not supposed to say it any more.
Last night we gathered around with our popcorn to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special on ABC. And I was shocked. Just look at the title! And Linus had the gall to quote scripture. It's astounding that the network aired it.
ABC, you'd better watch out for the FCC!
After all, the Federal Reserve today ordered the small-town Payne County Bank in Perkins, Oklahoma -- population roughly 2700 -- to take down all religious symbols. No crosses, no bible verses, and certainly no "Merry Christmas" buttons allowed.
The Feds said these things violated the "discouragement" clause of Regulation B of the banking regulations:
"�the use of words, symbols, models and other forms of communication � express, imply or suggest a discriminatory preference or policy of exclusion."Yet I can't help but wonder whether Muslim employees of the bank would be allowed to keep their head scarves.
The U.S. Justice Department is suing a school district because it would not allow a Muslim teacher three weeks of unpaid leave to go to Mecca.
A prisoner in California persuaded a judge to recognize his "Festivus" religion so the inmate could get special food.
The tolerate-only-certain-religions, Xmas movement is making inroads everywhere. It's even made its way to my neighborhood.
At Mr. M's school party today, the children lined up on the red carpet for a class photo while the mommarazzi snapped away.
"Happy holidays," we said to each other, carefully.
UPDATE: looks like the Fed changed its mind and the tiny Payne County Bank is back in Christmas.

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