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Say, remember that bouncing, youthful Pastor Ed Young I wrote about twice, months ago? The guy who was so enthused about sex, he exhorted all married couples in his church to try his "sexperiment"? His clever campaign "Seven days of sex!" was trumpeted over the airwaves for weeks. Truly a PR pro, he dramatically implored and beseeched his congregants to "just do it."

So whatever happened on that? Only God knows. Perhaps there were were no kiss-and-tellers.
But hells bells. Something else is apparently happening in this sex-challenged church.
It seems old Pastor Ed might have taken his eye off the disco sex ball and set his sights higher, set his sights on "loftier" things. Like an $8+M private jet, a $1M salary, and a $250,000 housing allowance.
Damn. Don't you hate it when that happens?
A local TV station has been keeping an eye on our good Pastor Ed and reports:

If you watch the clip, you'll see that Pastor Ed refused to do an interview or answer any questions whatsoever on the subject of his lavish, lush, luxuriant lifestyle. (Yeah, it's alliteration overkill, but his 7-in-7 "sex-sells" campaign was, too.)
Yet when the national media wanted to cover his seven-day sexcapade, he became a pimped out media whore, eagerly granting anyone and everyone an interview -- even Steven Colbert.
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So what gives, Pastor Jet-Set Ed?

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