Speaking of targets and a Gifford
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Check out this horrific Kathie Lee segment on some morning show. Gifford is "celebrating" a high school jock's noble act: befriending an autistic kid. She slurps all over the jock, showering him with gifts while essentially ignoring the kid. He cries when Gifford's song -- "All Alone!" -- is sung to describe his purportedly pitiful, painful life.
Here's Howard Stern's scathing Kathie Lee take-down:

As for that Loughner guy who shot Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona? It's obvious Loughner was a big football fan, or read Wuthering Heights or something.
I mean, just look at the Oregon/Auburn game, described with words like battle, target, drilled, unloaded on, bone-crushing, and choke-hold. Such violent rhetoric! And gosh, Heathcliff makes Jeffrey Dahmer look like Lassie.
P.S. A prophecy for you: this Arizona shooting will be used to justify scanning us with the mobile x-ray vans Homeland Security has already bought.

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