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Climategate: the plot stickens.
BPA super sucks. But we knew that already. It was the government that needed convincing.
So laugh at me all you want while I protest the naked-body radiation machines at airports. You know, the ones that have no quality control because, purportedly, the machines don't save the images? Jeer away. But one day, I'll be so "I so told you so," and it won't be any fun at all.
Speaking of concealed appendages -- we were, weren't we? Peter Piper got his pecker in a pickle. A guy in the U.K. showed up at the hospital with it stuck inside a pipe. "Medics at Southampton General Hospital could not get the man's penis out of the stainless steel pipe because the restricted blood flow had caused it to become aroused."
Ultimately, fire and rescue used a grinder to "safely cut the pipe off . . . in what a spokesman said was a 'delicate operation.'"
Turning to other news, check out the "Go Islam!" power point presentation Major Nidal Hasan gave during his grand rounds to fellow doctors. How, how, how did we miss this Fort Hood nut? Looks like heads will be rolling.
After seeing his grand rounds presentation, sadly I'm not surprised the Christmas Day underwear bomber fell through the cracks.
On the political front, the Massachusetts race is a dead heat.
Senatorial hopeful Dem Coakley is finally running hard against the heretofore Republican sleeper Scott Brown. But . . . she's falling flat.
Until today, this mock attack ad against him was fairly representative of her "real" ads. And the traction she's been getting with her real ads has been, umm, well . . . not much -- though things could certainly change. In any event, and no matter which side you come down on, the ad is pretty darn funny.

Coakley is running on fumes. Obama, who steadfastly maintained throughout last week that "Massachusetts is not on our schedule," flew into Boston today in a gallant, last-ditch effort to rescue her. But he had trouble filling his venue. Scott Brown, however, did not.
* Breaking news * and it's a real shocker! The White House believes Coakley will lose. Meh. It's probably just a strategy, designed to get the Dems out to vote.

Now then, about that bank tax. Would you believe liberal bloggers oppose it, as well?
If the Dems go through with their plans to favor union members over us regular Joes on their health care tax? And, if Brown wins, they ram the bill down our throats before he can be sworn in? Well, the country just might implode.
Whatever the case, politics certainly make for strange pajamas. And other non sequiturs. Like, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

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