After she rejected him, did he Tip-per?
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Ha. Ha, ha, ha.
You've surely heard about the Gore sex-assault scandal by now, and the infamous "You're a crazed sex poodle!" uttered by his accuser, plastered on Drudge.
But don't let McChrystal or the oil spill or Elena Kagan's nomination hearings drown out this woman's story. And for God's sake, don't let "Bite Me" Biden's "you're a smart ass" remark, made to a "small people" custard man (who merely joked his taxes could be lowered) crowd it out.
Her story ought not be dismissed. It's wrenching.
Here's an article that discusses the scandal with a fairly broad brush; but the left-leaning writer does conclude the woman, now in her mid-fifties, is telling the truth -- primarily because there's been no Gore denial.
(He does, however, recall he received a massage in Portland on the night in question, per his aides, after which he and Tipper apparently made some curious real estate conveyances).
After reading the entire transcript of her police interview, I, too, conclude the woman is being truthful because, well, you just can't make this stuff up. Even the name of the police woman present for the interview, Slavica Bubic, screams authenticity.
I couldn't help but laugh when the massage therapist mentally tried to downplay Gore's overly-long hug, delivered when she first arrived, as
"something like 'new age politician in casual mode' greeting * * * and because he had been the VIP, a kind of beneficent patriarch thing going on, it seemed."
After she refused Al's attempt to dim the lights to a ridiculously low level, he asked her to work on his abdomen, gluteus and adductors (inner-thigh muscles). And this peculiar request did give her pause. But, given his stature, family life, and environmental altruism, she proceeded on with the massage.
She couldn't imagine him being "anything less than a model of stellar integrity." But, alas, he proved only to be a stellar model of an entitled, demanding, why-aren't-you-fawning-over-me, frightening man.
Mr. Gore lost all control, moaning and groaning, yelling and screaming, displaying wild mood swings (and doing other things I won't mention because I'd rather not be visited by that kind of Google forager. You can read the gory details here).
Said the woman, "I never saw anybody's mood just go like this (snaps fingers). It made me go, 'this man should never be in charge of the red button.'"
Terrified, she did her best to deflect his anger and to "talk him down." At one point she asked him, reprovingly, what sort of comment his conduct said about his marriage. When that enraged him, she tried to tsk-tsk diffuse him, by noting that of course marriages are private and only the spouses know the measure of their marriage, to wit: Hillary and Bill.
Oops. The poor woman had forgotten that in Gore's eyes, Monica-gate had cost him the election. Her reference to Bill and Hill inflamed Gore all the more.
At one point, he put his entire "rotund" body on top of hers and refused to get up. "Get off me, you big lummox!" she shouted at an impassive Gore who giggled like a giant Cheshire cat, playing with a mouse.
Finally she diverted his attention by pointing out a bowl of chocolates in the room. This worked fairly well -- "the old chocolate distraction," as the knowing woman detective put it -- and she was ultimately able to escape the room unraped. Though not before Gore forced french kisses on her, and another crude, painful groping.
She explained that she waited to contact the police in part because her "Birkenstock tribe" discouraged her. (Remember, she is from Portland.) To turn in Al Gore would have made her "like the ultimate traitor." Indeed, one person asked her to "just suck it up, otherwise the world is going to be destroyed from global warming."
She did, however, contact the Portland Women's Crisis Line within seventy-two hours and reported the incident to a counselor.
Claims that she later came forward for money are utterly false. Read the woman's account. It's more than credible.
Alrighty then. No punch line, here. I'll just end with the oft-repeated adage, now repeated in the context of the global-warming Gore: "Beware the prophet who profits."
Oops: sorry. Meant to link to George Will on the Kagan situation.

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