?Donde estan el City Slickeros?
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Why, at El Rancho, of course! There, I shot a fifty-caliber Barrett, made no contact whatsoever with several flying disks despite repeated attempts, and wandered four days and three nights without internet.
We just got back from this ranch -- a working ranch, mind you -- today. An old law school friend graciously offered it to us for the weekend. And boy do I owe him one huge bottle of Maker's Mark. His so-called "cabin" made for some swanky digs.
We met Dodge.

Four-wheeled like fiends.

And got real muddy. Constantly.

We herded chickens.
Collected beautiful rainbow eggs.

Went clay-shooting.
Examined ostriches, up close and personal.

And roasted a perfect chicken, post bonfire. (Now, now. It was store bought. No tears.)
The impromptu bonfire happened when some olive oil caught on fire. I wasn't familiar with the ranch's range, you see. My beloved pan, which once had a nice patina, now looks like this:

But amazingly enough, it still cooks fine. Celebrate the moments of my pot.
Alrighty then. Aside from four votes I couldn't cast in HGTV's "dream house" contest, I didn't miss much. Because you don't miss your family when you don't have the internet. It's a funny thing.

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