Polenta and Huntsman, Couscous and Hubris
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So Mitch ditched and left the lion's den. But who can blame the fellow, after his wife's vilification preview in the press last week. She left Daniels for a doctor, so the story goes, and the doc left his wife. After duking it out in a custody battle, she and the doc drove off, "abandoning" their children and spouses.
Yep, that is a tough narrative. It's terribly interesting; and the doctor's spurned ex sounds vituperative ("Look up 'narcissist.' I really question [Cheri's] character and motives") and bitter.
Barbour began the charge from the fray, withdrawing his name at the end of April. Huckabee followed suit a few days later.
The Donald, too, told us no, but then raptured his decision with a maybe so. He's coy, that boy.
Perfecting the scare-the-nanny stare.
That leaves Pawlenty, like polenta. Or hummus and couscous. But none of them bring to mind presidential hubris (although his video today was serious and humorless). Yee-haw "T-Paw" is hardly better: that's the guy in the room next to grandma at the nursing home.
Huntsman sounds strong, but a cheese is still a cheese.
We've got Godfather's Cain, which makes me think of pizza, and Able, his antithesis.
Finally we've got Romney, which makes me think: rummy. Gin rummy and a hair-sprayed mummy.
Oops. I forgot about old Newt. Isn't there a tiny sea creature called a newt? Tiffany's makes it in a brooch, I think.
Maybe I'm too shallow, but presidential images these names do not conjure.
The most feared contender, no one wants to acknowledge -- at least no one in the liberal press.
Gosh, Josh Margolin posted a fairly innocuous piece today, reporting that Obama is doing opposition research on Chris Christie. This compelled Christopher Robbins to bash them both with a bat.
There was brain matter on the floor, such was the reaction. Maybe Margolin stood up Robbins for a drink, or keyed his car, or drove a stake through his heart.
Then again, maybe it's just that Obama's distraction tactics (trying to elevate mere mortals like Paul Ryan into mortal enemies) aren't working.
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