Sunday's Best
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Obama's Summer of Bummers -- Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard. Four self-inflicted wounds.
Going Mad in Herds -- Maureen Dowd, NYT. She's lost all patience.
Repeal of Obamacare Can't Come Fast Enough -- J.C. Watts, Las Vegas Review-Journal. A substantive indictment.
Does Barack Obama Want to be Re-elected in 2012? -- UK Telegraph. Scathing. And I do mean scathing.
A "Move-it" Movement -- Michael Goodwin, NY Post. Mosque divide reveals more.
Crime (Sex) and Punishment (Stoning) -- Robert Worth, NYT. Arguing, weakly, that barbaric practices are just Islamic politics. Still, a must-read for folks like Colin Powell, who say "so what if ___________ (insert name of politician) is Muslim?"

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