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A new mom at Mr. M's school (she's also my new neighbor) wandered over the other day to lament the fact she'd volunteered for every single position at the school.
Yes, you read that right.
I told her to throttle back. "People will hate you, you know" I said.
Turns out . . . science backs me up.
Four studies are reported in an article called, "The Desire to Expel Unselfish Members from the Group." The article appears in the current Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
The press release for the article opens with, "You know those goody-two-shoes who volunteer for every task and thanklessly take on the annoying details nobody else wants to deal with?
That's right: Other people really can't stand them."Ha. I love to be right. And now I can feel good about not constantly volunteering at Mr. M's school. Heck, they'll like me even more.

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