Falling, falling, falling, falling . . .
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There are some annoying TV commercials running right now, like the one from Brinks Home Security.

Mother and daughter are shown frolicking in the backyard in broad daylight while the evil bad guy watches them through the fence.
They go inside their beautiful house in their beautiful neighborhood to have lunch. Immediately the mom turns on the burglar alarm.
Sheesh! How paranoid is she?
Within seconds, the bad guy breaks the door down and the alarm starts shrieking. Simultaneously, the Brinks people call -- before the murderer can even cross the threshold.
In a calm, authoritative voice, the Brinks man slowly says, "Hello, mam? This is Mark from Brinks Home Security. Are you alright?"
I'd be like, "Shut up, whoever you are. Get police over here, now!"
Then there's the agonized wailing we hear at the end of the Cadillac commercials. "Falling, falling, falling, falling!"

Given that Tiger Woods endorses Buick and drives a Cadillac Escalade, GM might want to pull these prescient ads infused with suicidal angst.
Right now, they're a bit too on the money.

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