Fair Food
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Ha! You were thinking "fair trade" and other organic and equitable thoughts when you clicked on this link, weren't you!
But here's some food for thought: the foods to be found at our state fairs this year.
Behold, several fair foods that rank in the "top ten." Alas, I kid you not.

Ah, the corkscrew. It's all about feel and texture, no?
Next up, the cheese steak corn dog on a stick. Who could resist such phallic fare, when sprinkled with a touch of incestuousness?

And then we have the more subtle, seemingly benign "sweet potato" corn dog.

Finally, the Lorena Bobbitt corn dog pizza . . .

which leaves me, well . . . completely without appetite. And wondering what fool ate the missing slice. Now, maybe if I were forgotten, trapped in an underground mine for a few months, or a featured survivor in "Alive," I might consider it.
Photo credits: Endless Simmer.

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