Walmart: "We'll Match Any Competitor's Price" . . . Sort of.
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In this Mexican circular scandal, a Walmart in Midlothian, Texas, refused to honor a certain competitor's price solely because it was "Mexican."
"Their quality is inferior to ours," said the manager. A nearby cashier agreed, chiming in, "Their quality is really low.
And get this. The coupon-wielding customer? Is a Mexican-American.
But it gets worse . . . for Walmart. Ms. Amy Yates-Garmatz writes a consumer blog, "Penny Pinching," for a local network.
When Amy presented the circular from the El Rio Grande grocery, advertising chicken for $1.00 a pound, at check-out, the new Walmart cashier didn't know how to process "comp" or competitor coupons. So she called her customer service manager for help.
The manager was of no help, however. She told Amy that Walmart wouldn't give her El Rio Grande's price on the chicken because El Rio's product was inferior, being that it was a Mexican grocery and all.
But Amy held her ground -- for nearly thirty minutes -- and the manager eventually relented.
After getting the run-around from the suits at Walmart's corporate office, and understandably outraged, Amy took her cause to her employer, a television news station. What happened next, of course, was predictable.
Walmart issued a carefully worded apology, saying its policy is to match the prices of all "local competitors" for "identical products" and that it would take steps to "reinforce" its policy with Walmart employees.
But, umm, hasn't Walmart had this policy for a while? Not to mention, Walmart operates its own grocery stores in Mexico. Would Walmart say its Walmex stores are inferior?
Amy kindly posted Walmart's 1-800 customer service number on her blog: 1-800-925-6278.

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