Thank Heaven for Little Cameras
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Get out of my face or you'll get raped was essentially what this NYPD undercover officer said to the salary-paying taxpayer citizen who filmed his abuses.

Gentle readers, this sort of exchange makes me want to . . . SHOUT! Throw my hands up and shout! Throw my head back and shout!
Give me government or give me death, I say!
Keep your eye on the undercover, but oh-so-charming, tie-dyed detective guy: "You're ugly," he tells one pretty-darn cute bystander, as he tries intently to snapple her with his iphone.
Ah. New York's finest.
(Details here.)
(P.S.: Despite diligent tutoring by the Stiletto Mom, I am still unable to master the art of shrinking youtube videos down to size. So to see this one, double click on it. Thanks for your patience.)

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