My Man, McCain and the Info-Maniac Man
0 comment Wednesday, July 9, 2014 |
Have you seen J.D. Hayworth's infomercial? It's an embarrassing "git while the gittin's good" egg-scrambler ad. Which might have been unremarkable except for the gittin' part.
Because Hayworth says the gittin' is a give-away from you and me the federal government (which you, too can git, by giving J.D. a small fee). Throughout the infomercial, he constantly reminds his audience that this money is REAL.
Note to info-man: We know it's real money, J.D., we know. Pipe down, dude. Worse, we know that it's our money you're hawking to thieves. Your constant "this is real" rejoinder is hurting our ears.

Of course this inconvenient infomercial would be dead and archived, and who-cares obscure, if Hayworth weren't fiercely running as a fiscal conservative against McCain in Arizona.
But he is. And alas, Hayworth's explanation for this gobsmacking gitmercial is uncommonly lame.
Oof! Ouch! Pow! Punch! Senator McCain, you're the jujitsu man, man.

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