What Would You Do?
0 comment Thursday, June 5, 2014 |
This will be a quick post. I'm trying to fashion a poll, get some advice for a fellow-mom. If you saw this, what would you do? ________________________
A mom volunteers at her school's cafeteria; she works on the line with other mothers, serving the children as they come through for lunch. Just before the shift starts, she chats it up with the school's employed cafeteria chief-of-staff who has taken a celery stalk from the community bin and is dipping it, with an ungloved hand, into the newly-mixed Ranch salad dressing. Cafeteria chief then eats the ranch-covered celery stalk. Okay-ish, so far-ish.
But as the conversation continues, cafeteria chief casually dips the same end of the bitten-off celery stalk into the Ranch dressing again. It appeared to be from sheer force of habit, as the chief double-dipped in a completely nonchalant, absent-minded manner. Volunteer mom managed to stay in the conversation using her best poker face, with limited success. Her shock and revulsion, she hopes, were not visibly apparent.