Video of the Day: Government-sponsored Infantilism
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"You're doing it to relax. You come home from work and you change into baby mode." -- Stanley Thornton.
Stan, the baby man, enjoys being a baby and being babied by his roll-playing mommy caretaker. And who are we to say he shouldn't, even if we have to pay for it?
Okay, so maybe there aren't words. But I'm totally down with this, because I'm hip. I'm cool. Friends, the quarterly checks I cheerfully send Uncle Sam keep Stan's baby dreams alive.
So what if Stan is able-bodied, with the carpentry skills to make his own adult-sized high chair and crib? Are you not a progressive or what? He wears a f#cking onesy; this baby-man needs your money.
Yet stingy senator Coburn wants to turn off Stanley's disability benefits. Yep, just cut this man off at the thighs. How do these guys sleep at night?
Needless to say, baby-man Stan is not taking the news well. He says he will kill himself if the checks stop coming.
Senator Coburn, I've known a few liberals in my day. And you, sir, are no liberal.
For shame, for shame.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin takes the topic to a whole new level.
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