Okay, Now I'm Really Mad. Michelle Malkin Mad.
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The Massachusetts Legislature just voted to change the law (again) so its governor can appoint an interim straw man to sit in Kennedy's vacated senate seat, pending a special election. Kirk, at the White House's urging, looks to be the impotent annointed one.
Oh, I know what you're thinking. "But wait! As recently as 2004, Massachusetts Democrats said, 'Oh no, Mitt Romney. We can't have you appointing an interim Republican if John Kerry is President,' and they changed the law." And you'd be right.
But we knew this turn-about was coming, didn't we? Come now. Turn-about on a turn-about on a turn-about is fair play, nay?
Moral of the day? If the law doesn't suit your purpose, change it. Moral of the minute? When the new law doesn't suit your purpose, why, change it again!
What idiot economist opined that a free-market economy flourishes, is indeed nurtured, by stare decisis? What Windy City GSB blow-hard suggested that business people make decisions based on some firmly-rooted belief that the law is stable, not subject to the whims of politics? That contracts will be honored by the courts?
Oh, pshaw. The free-market theory is so overblown. Get off your horses, ye Wild West capitalists, and think of the common good. Look out your window and see the new day that has dawned. Look to Obama the government for the guaranty assurances on your bonds.
Oh mighty O assures us that if his healthcare savings don't occur, there is no cause for concern. With respect to future spending cuts, here's exactly what Obama had to say:
"And to prove that I'm serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don't materialize."Huh? Ha! This is like the illusory promise we hear from car salesmen on TV. "If you find a better price on a car and I can't beat it, I'll give you the car for free."
See how smart Obama thinks we are? See?
"Err, Mr. Obama, could you stop pounding the Sunday talk-show-circuit like you're pounding used cars on TV? For a minute could you hear us out? We, the lowly, anti-American critics born of astro-turf? We won't take up much of your time.
"Because, Sir, as we see it, every Congress is sovereign. Every Congress can do what it wants. You, President Obama, cannot force this Congress, or any other congress in the future, to do anything. Much less could you force a future congress -- after you are out of office -- to enact any spending cuts.
"And Mr. Obama, you, of all presidents, should know this. You're one of the smartest presidents we've seen. But we're not the most stupid constituency you've ever had to lead."
Years ago, when I took contracts in law school, we learned that an agreement to agree in the future is . . . well, not just insane but completely unenforceable. Imagine, "Okay, yeah, in a year I'll agree to sell you my house at a price we'll both agree upon." Nuts! You can't have an enforceable "we'll agree to agree later" contract. Just like you can't have one with Congress.
Then again, under Obama, who can say? Black letter law is becoming passe'. On this point, Michelle Malkin, I agree with you; I'm with you all the way.

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