Ladybug Juice
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Sorry, it's actually "ladyboy juice," as in the pornographic website "ladyboyjuice.___," frequented frequently by several folks at the SEC.
Weird, huh?
I thought so, too.
Tonight, Diane Sawyer claimed ABC had broken this "exclusive" story and aired it on World News Tonight.
But when I googled "SEC executives porn" it was immediately clear that ABC was a little late to the party -- the put-it-on-the air party, anyway. I wonder why.
Apparently quite a few boys (and one girl) over at the Securities & Exchange Commission ("SEC") have some kind of, umm, porn problem: thirty-one employees thus far, and seventeen of them are pulling in a bunch of our bucks ($100k or more).
One SEC sloth tried to access the . . . err, let's call it "lady bug" site, 300 times in one day. "TrannyTit" was another of his personal favorites, in case you were wondering.
The more prurient amongst us can go here for an excerpt from that sloth's deposition.
This is the same SEC, you'll recall, that admitted it had known since 1997 that Allen Stanford was scamming people. Sadly, the Stanford story got buried by the blizzard of stories on Goldman Sachs (the SEC cleverly announced both on the same day).
The SEC's explanation for not going after Stanford sooner? Why, "institutional influence," of course. Sounds better than porn, no?
This is the same SEC, I need not remind you, that failed to catch Bernie Madoff time and time again, despite the ear-piercing whistle blown by Harry Markopolos for nine long years.
Call me crazy, but . . . how about the government gets its priorities straight before forging headlong into yet more "reform"?
It's a novel idea, I'll readily admit, but maybe we should try reforming the regulators before we reform the "regulatees"? I'm just sayin'.
You know, I'd planned a field trip for Mr. M to visit Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Guess I'll put that one on hold until he's a little older -- oh, say, twenty-one.
Well, at least we've gotten a glimpse of our triple-X tax dollars at work. It's just a glimpse, mind you, but a glimpse is still a glimpse.
But fret not and take comfort, gentle readers: at least one of the SEC pornsters said he "rarely" put in for "comp" time -- extra pay or time-off for legitimate work he couldn't perform during his regular, porn-surfing hours.
Alrighty then. I. Am. Feeling. Good. Excellent, actually. I cannot wait for the bureaucrats to run our health care system.
So sleep well. And stay away from the ladybug juice.

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