God Bless the IRS!
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This Pennsylvania "public service announcement" weirded me out. Made me feel peculiar. Predator drones came to mind. Watch. It takes all of 30 seconds.
Do I owe the IRS any money? No, not that I know of -- knock, knock, knock on wood. But good God almighty. Talk about a mammoth Big Brother.
But maybe I'm overreacting. It didn't trouble Ann Althouse. In fact, she says she prefers dealing with bureaucrats who speak in robotic voices.

Alrighty then. She's a brilliant law professor; I am but a lowly soccer mom.
Nonetheless, I have always had better luck negotiating with, and getting reasonable results from a real, live, rational human being. But perhaps the notion of a "real, live, rational human being," in the IRS is a quadruple oxymoron? Much as it pains me to admit it, maybe Althouse is right.
On the other hand, this "every-move-you-make-we'll-be-watching-you" video seemed to trouble one of my favorite econbloggers, Mike Shedlock. And old Mish (who doesn't know me from a pea in the ground) is pretty darn measured, restrained, and rational.
In any event, and regardless whether cooler brighter heads than mine prevail in this argument, I stand by my initial assessment: this whole "we're-watching-you-take-a-shower" advertisement is effing CREEEEPY. The State of Pennsylvania needs to ixne the ad and the advert group that came up with it, immediately.
The thought of "google earth" homing in on my house and street-view-zooming into my living room -- so it can help the almighty government find me and extract one more pound of flesh -- is just . . . flat-out depressing. Hey, Google! Don't remind me you're out there, okay?
Sure, it's just an ad. But it's a government ad that was designed to be scary and intimidate. So no, I don't think I've been watching too much "V".

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