A Panicked Press Swings the Palin Pendulum Back?
0 comment Friday, June 13, 2014 |
What's this? After months of punching the Palin bag, is the main stream media streaming the other way?
Hells bells! They're not even jumping on her latest malaprops -- Palinisms, you might call them.
"Those are back-assward ways of trying to fix the economy" -- Interview, Barbara Walters.
(Oops. I spoke too soon. Time Magazine spotted it, too.)
"My guttural instinct is kind of like a mama grizzly bear." Interview, O'Reilly.
Oh, really? Oh, hun!
But yes, it would appear that indeed the media is drifting back in Palin's direction. And in the face of her staggering book sales, it's no wonder.

After all, these fickle, fair-weathered friends don't want to miss the bus. Wall Street would be wise to take heed. The shamelessly faithless media have hedged their bets better than Goldman, for heaven's sake.
Alrighty then.
Here's the latest media round-up:
Scott Martelle: "Will Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue' Boost Her Political Fortunes?"
Wow. Would this query have ever been posited before now?
Rex Murphy: "Obama Inspires; Palin Connects".
Oof! Now that's a big Obama "ouch" in the face of his Asian-trip no-bounce.
Kate Zernike: Enthusiasm for Palin, and Echoes of 2008 Divide.
Those damn mid-terms are rearing their scary heads.
Jon Meacham: Why Palin Matters to Obama -- And to You.
Grrr, again. GD those mid-terms!
But the best, the most fickle and feckless, I have saved for last.
Maureen Dowd: "Visceral has Its Value." Or, "'V' is for Visceral."
Dowd's money quote for the conservatives? "She [Palin] nurtures her grass roots while Obama neglects his."
Oh my.
Now, make no mistake, lest there be some misunderstanding, as invariably there is. I could no more disown Sarah Palin than I could embrace cannibalization. Now then, am I perfectly clear?

Still, as Rex Murphy noted in his "Palin Connects" piece, empty vessels don't draw rabid attacks, much less the vociferous maulings of the so-called vassal Palin that we've seen these past few days.
Will the GOP continue to eat itself from the inside out?
Who knows, man, who knows?
I wonder, though. I do wonder. And worry, of course.
But whichever side you're on, don't look to the press for illumination.