There's no opting out of government x-ray vans
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When Pistole spoke to the TSA "oversight" last week, he briefly mentioned that New York City has a "mobile screening program." But now that I know what he means by "screening," and ever wary of government euphemisms, I thought I'd look into it.
And the news is not good.
The TSA, as well as other law enforcement agencies, have purchased drive-by x-ray vans. The x-ray is the same back scatter x-ray you will receive at most airports. Except . . . you won't know it.

Who has them now? The manufacturer of these "ZBV" x-ray vans won't say.
But we do know the government isn't using these mobile search vans just to check cargo.
Been to a Superbowl game in the last year or two? Let's hope you weren't pregnant. Because the Department of Homeland Security gleefully reports these mobile x-ray scanners "have been a huge asset at the nation�s ports and borders, and at major crowd events like the Super bowl."
Peering under our clothes "at major crowd events" or, if you're a New Yorker, while boarding the subway, is an unconstitutional search. Period. And we won't even know when it happens.

I am now officially in heart-attack mode. At least with Google Street View you know we can see you naked.

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