The Mysterious Surge in Childhood Obesity
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Congressman Aaron Schock has bared nearly all for the June issue of Men's Health, in furtherance of the war against childhood obesity.
Go on, look again. For a pause that refreshes, watch this coverage by one constipated Dem, and clearly bored, reporter.

Yet this GOP Joe Sixpack goes out of his way to laud Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign for children.
"We can't just leave it up to the parents."
Schock points out that he and the First Lady both hail from Illinois, where:
One out of five Illinois children are considered obese. Not overweight, obese. And two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. When people hear that, they're shocked, and rightfully so.It's a pity we don't see more of Schock.
The number of obese children has more than tripled since 1980. For the first time in our history, children are not expected to outlive their parents.
Doctors are wringing their hands. Pediatricians debate whether to call a child "overweight" or the more stigma-laden word "obese," while the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance weighs in with its own acceptable terms. Broke-back mothers can no longer hold their babes in arms. Experts scratch their heads.
So what is causing this burgeoning epidemic? School lunches? Computers? The stress from TSA pat-downs?
Or . . .

could it be . . .

dare I say it . . .
surely not . . .
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