News Big Media Would Rather Lose
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Naked-body machines violate U.K. anti-porn laws. "Very few of us would be willing to get naked in front of a uniformed agent for the privilege of getting on a plane. But the scanners would have the same effect. How graphic are their images? British authorities barred the use of scanners for travelers under 18 for fear of violating child pornography laws."And the radiation from these virtual strip searches? Has received scant attention . . . so far.
A scarier 2010? PIMCO's Bill Gross predicts the second half of 2010 will be grim. In the absence of government stimulus, or is it stimuli(?), expected to be withdrawn by March, the last two quarters may be quite painful. Also? Umm, don't buy treasuries.
Prosecutors gone wild: The Montgomery County D.A. twittered the names of people arrested for DWI on New Year's Eve. Ah. Another John Law in the wild west of Texas.
More helicopter government: Minnesota is creating a government data base that will keep track of every Minnesotan's prescription pain pills. Next will be a data base that tracks how much alcohol each person buys. Thanks, Big Gov. The Liberalcratic Oath: "First, let them do themselves no harm."
We knew there was a bad guy on the plane . . . after it took off.
Independent herbivores are going conservative: Whole Foods is growing right-leaning independents in the produce aisle. "There�s no law that someone who enjoys organic food, rides his bike to work, or wants a diverse school for his kids must also believe that the federal government should take over the health-care system or waste money on thousands of social programs with no evidence of effectiveness."Me Fannie, you Goldman: When the big banks paid out their bonuses, the now-populist press went ballistic. But when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac execs got big year-end bonuses, wrapped up in a $42 million-dollar cash compensation package? Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. But don't blame beleaguered journalists for not reporting this hot item. The Administration did wait until Christmas Eve to make the announcement.

Oh, and at the same time, the Fed agreed to continue unlimited bailouts for these GSEs. CNBC's Rick Santelli did not take the news well. What was it he called them? "Government Sponsored Explosions"?
Santelli's New Year�s resolution is to:"mention Freddie and Fannie and every day maybe ask what�s wrong with S & P, Moody�s and Fitch. Because for us to re-nationalize off balance sheets these trillions of dollars of lecherous accounting gimmicks without having it affect the U.S. credit rating in my opinion is reprehensible."
Memo to GOP: shag the Tea Party at your peril. This movement's message is simple: smaller government, a lower deficit, and lower taxes. And if you've been wondering why these folks are so hot and bothered, or how they got started, watch this clip:

Jump in bed and cover your head. The unemployment numbers announced today were abysmal. Worse, real unemployment (which includes discouraged workers, people who can only find part-time work, etc.) is at the highest rate ever recorded: a whopping 17.5%
Virginia is for . . . spenders? reports $9.5 million went to 14 zip codes in Virginia that do not exist. So where did it really go? Who knows, man. Who really knows?