Grilled Pizza
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(This picture doesn't do it justice, but I'm no food photographer)
Last night I had the best pizza ever. Not the best delivered pizza, not the best frozen pizza, not the best pizza I've ever had in a restaurant. But the best pizza anywhere, ever.
Amazingly, it was frozen pizza. Really. Frozen. From the grocery store. Our local Central Market, during "the thrill of the grill" week, handed out samples of this pizza they'd cooked on their grill and it was incredibly good. Vito and Nick's, on sale for $7.99. M and I promptly bought a box so we could try this pizza-grilling experiment at home.
Alas, the first attempt was a disaster. After following the directions on the box to a T, I ended up with a burned black pancake and a hungry, crying child. Do NOT follow the directions on the box.
425 for 30-35 minutes? * & %#!
Persistent pizza lover that I am, I went back to Central Market (which willingly gave me another box to try) and got instructions on how to grill this pizza from one of their grilling experts.
Last night I followed the expert's, and let the grill temperature hover around 325 degrees. I put the frozen pizza directly on the grill rack (not on top of foil), closed the lid, and checked on it every 4-5 minutes. After about twelve minutes, it was ready and perfect and truly divine.
And this handy gadget . . .
Finally found a use in my kitchen. Frozen pizza cooked in the oven has such a mush crust. Ah, but the sound of a real, crunchy crust being cut, fresh off the grill? Is heaven.
If you can't find any at your grocery, insist that they start carrying it. As a last resort, I think you can order it frozen, here.

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