Don't Try this If You Haven't Had Children
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Our story begins with a stunned Kim Clijsters. She had a baby just months ago and came out of a two-year retirement to try her hand at tennis once more.
And then BAM, baby, BAM. She beat Serena Williams' . . . temper. To some, it seemed a hollow victory. Because, come on. Who ever got high on a waive and a BYE?
But Kim is surely happy now. Serena's outbursts paved the way for Kim to advance and win the U.S. Open on her own merits, fair and square.
Here, Serena's unserene moments:
First, the tennis racket explosion:

Next, the fatal foot fault implosion:

Was she unsportsmanlike? Sure. But considering all that John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, and Ille Nastase got away with, it seemed like a pretty harsh call.

On a brighter note, check out this clip of Roger Federer doing his match-winning over-and-under, granny-style shot.

As the announcer cautioned, "Don't try this if you haven't had children."

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